A new way to track sports  performance .

The first solution to track breathing during activity with standard headphones, which enables superior training advice.

 Our Vision 

Most runners track their performance.

Tracking running statistics is a mass phenomenon and done by most runners as it provides valuable insights into their performance, progress, and overall health. The tracked data enables runners to individualize their training regimens, identify areas for improvement, and prevent overexertion, ultimately leading to more effective and injury-free training sessions. 

However, current tracking methods in most cases measure only heart-rate while neglecting respiration and can therefore not unleash their full potential.

Breathing is a key vital factor.

Monitoring breathing patterns during exercise can offer a more comprehensive understanding of exertion levels, helping runners optimize their pacing, enhance endurance, and prevent overtraining and related injuries by aligning their efforts more closely with their physiological limits.

The tracking and analysis of breathing patterns can help with finding optimal training loads and bring everyone closer to their optimal performance.

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Our Approach.

By using the built-in microphone in your headphones to record the audio signal during your runs, we deliver breathing rate tracking without any additional hardware. Our sophisticate AI models are capable of previously unseen precision and accuracy in detecting breathing signals.

This enables you to match your training plan precisely with the state of your body, which maximizes training efficiency, and brings you closer to achieving your ultimate performance goals.

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